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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University

International Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development Conference


Dear Colleagues and Our Valuable Stakeholders,

International Online Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development Conference will be held between October 10-11 2022. The conference is organized by Science, Technology and Innovation Ecosystem Application and Research Center and Ibrahim Bodur Entrepreneurship Application and Research Center.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for scholars, public, private and NGO representatives from the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and development to share their scientific work. The main theme of our conference has been determined as the Effects of E-commerce and E-entrepreneurship on Regional and National Development.

As it is known, the adverse market conditions created by COVID-19 have also brought along a series of breakthroughs in the economy. There is no doubt that the most important of these are the steps taken in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and development. In this context, the main purpose of the conference is to discuss the effects of advanced technology and innovations, which provide an advantage in global competition, on regional and national development with the dimension of e-commerce and e-entrepreneurship. It is expected that our academicians, policy makers and NGO representatives who will contribute to the conference will shed a new light on science and make a significant contribution to the literature with field-specific studies in this context.

Your participation in the International Social Sciences Conference will honor us.


Best regards,


Prof.Dr. Ercan SARIDOĞAN

Chairman of the Organization Committee


Following publication opportunities are available for participiants with full text papers:

1. International Book Chapter  

( Publication House: EKİN Basım Yayın; https://www.ekinkitap.com/ )

2. Article Publication in the Journals of our Faculty as special edition

2.1. Faculty Journal   (Indices:  Index Copernicus, ASOS …) (http://biibf.dergi.comu.edu.tr/)

2.2. Journal of Science, Technology and Innovation Ecosystem (Indices:  Index Copernicus, ASOS …) (http://bityed.dergi.comu.edu.tr/)

2.3. International Applied Economics and Management Research Journal (http://uueyad.dergi.comu.edu.tr/)

2.4. Journal of International Social and Economic Data Analysis (https://biibf.comu.edu.tr/ekonometri-r19.html)

3. Conference Full Text Proceedings Books with ISBN number

4. Conference Abstracts Book